StopTite ST249 200mil Activator Spray Can



StopTite ST249 is used to accelerate the cure of StopTite anaerobic adhesives and sealants. This may be necessary in applications involving inert or ‘passive’ metals or substrates where curing would otherwise be slow or inhibited.
Activation is also required when large bond gaps are required to be filled.

ST249 is also recommended when bonding applications are carried out at lower temperatures (<10°C)


Spray or brush activator onto either both or one surface. It may be necessary to treat both surfaces in the case of big gaps or where more activity is required.
In the case of ST249 allow solvent to evaporate and dry.
Parts should be bonded as soon as possible, but activated components kept in clean conditions will last up to 30 days.
Next assemble by applying adhesive to one or both surfaces and apply firm pressure for 30 – 40 seconds without movement.
Parts will have a handling strength usually within 20 – 30 minutes, but full strength can take up to 12 – 24 hours depending on conditions and metal activity.

Data Sheet:ST249 Activator Data Sheet


Available in:

Pump Spray Bottles 50ml – 100ml.   Spray Can 200ml – Other pack sizes available on request.

Category: Activators & Primers, StopTite Threadlockers

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