ST05 Permanent locking of, studs and bolts for high strength heavy duty. Use on pump & motor housings, cylinder block studs, etc.
StopTite is designed for the sealing and locking of threaded fasteners. The product is a single component anaerobic, high strength, acrylic based thread locker. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and prevents leakage and loosening from vibration and shock.
Category: StopTite Threadlockers

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STO5 StopTite is a high strength, low viscosity formulation for permanent locking of studs and bolts up to 1″ (25mm) diameter. Recommended for use on engine studs, cylinder block studs, etc.

Resin: Dimethacrylate
Bottle Size: 250ml-50ml-10ml LDPE bottles
Colour: Green
Viscosity: 400 to 600 cps
Max Gap Fill: 0.18mm
Temp. Range: – 54 C to 150 C
Fixture Speed: 15 minutes @ 25 C
Full Cure Time: 24 hours @ 20 C
Breakaway Strength: 26 Nm
Prevailing Strength: 36 Nm

Data Sheet: StopTite AT05-Technical-Data


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