Fast Dry Solvent 500ml – FREE SHIPPING


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Trigger Spray

Precision degreaser cleaner

Pre-Cleaning Of Surfaces Prior To Bonding Using StopTite Products

Removes oils, greases, adhesive residues, silicon sealants, cutting fluids
Suitable for degreasing general engineering components or hi-spec electrical & electronic equipment such as switchgear & motors
No Chlorines
Non-chlorinated, non-aromatic, requires no special breathing apparatus
No Residue
Flashes off quickly to leave surface clean & dry, ready for bonding and final assembly processes
Non- conductive
Di-electric strength of 30kv; tested & recommended for cleaning oil filled electrical equipment before reassembly using StopTite Products


Category: Surface Cleaners

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For precision cleaning of engineering or electrical components prior to painting, non-destructive testing or final assembly operations.

For degreasing oil filled electrical equipment such as switchgear, overhead power cables Suitable for the pre-treatment of surfaces prior to bonding or coating and can be used to freshen or tackify rubber.


Apply to a cleaning cloth and wipe away the contaminant.

Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned and agitate and wipe away the contaminant.

For heavenly contaminated items repeat as necessary.

Leaves a clean dry surface

For more information see Data Sheets: StopTite Fast_Dry_Precision_Cleaner


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