Drip-It© 2lt Gravity Oiler Twin Brush Kit

The Drip-It  Single Feed can be used as a single Drip Feed or matched as a multi Drip or Brush application, utilising one of our balanced adjustable valves. perfect to lubricate even the largest of chains, with 3 adjustable outlets, 2 directed to the side links, 1 directed to the centre roller to give a full coverage to chains and sprockets.

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Drip-It© Eco


Adjustable Gravity Feed Oiler.
(They just simply work)
Simple no moving parts, no power required with our Eco Range oil systems making this environmentally friendly all parts are recyclable.
The professional way for your industrial Chains, Slides, Bushes Etc
All our Drip-it systems are built in the UK and designed with the customer in mind to give you a system to meet your needs.
Drip-It Oil reservoirs are made of recyclable high-impact plastic to withstand most industry conditions inside or out and come in a convenient 2Lt and big brother 5Lt.
To control the required oil flow we only use high-quality valves to give the best flow control.
Drip-It will help with a reduction in friction. wear to components, reduce stretch to chains and help with corrosion.
This when all put together can help reduce downtime and reduce your power consumption, by keeping your machinery running smoothly.
We build the systems to order for you, you get a simple self-Install kit with everything you need to get you up and running quickly.
And achieve a quick return on investment.
Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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