Launch of our new StopTite Industrial Range of Threadlockers, Stud Lockers, Sealants and Adhesives

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new StopTite Industrial range of products, including threadlockers, stud lockers, retainers, pipe sealants and adhesives.

Made in Britain, these innovative products offer thousands of applications across almost any industry sector, including any type of production line. Available in uniquely colour-coded categories covering different strengths and temperature ranges, all products are ISO 9002 compliant.

Manufactured for Lubrication UK, the StopTite Industrial range has been developed using innovative technology and can withstand a temperature range of -50°C to 200°C+. Uses include threadlocking, retaining, gasketing and the sealing of mechanical assemblies.

StopTite Unique Labelling

StopTite has a unique but simple labelling system to help you make the right product choice. StopTite labels are the same colour as the contents, giving you a quick and clear indication of the product choices you need to make.

StopTite Colour Codes:

  • Red – STO8: High strength and high-temperature Threadlocker
  • Ligh Blue – ST03: Medium strength Ttreadlocker
  • Dark Green – STO5: High Strength Stud Locker
  • Medium Green – ST18: High Strength Retainer
  • Ligh Green – ST11: Low Viscosity Retainer

No more guessing with StopTite

Keep it tight with Stoptite  



  • StopTite Threadlocker – high-strength with high temperature and medium-strength products to prevent the loosening of screws, bolts and studs, due to vibration and shock loads. Permanently lock threaded components including small screws.
  • StopTite Retainer – high strength products with a low viscosity option, offering excellent resistance to shear and compression, allowing for the cost-effective assembly with bearings, shafts, splines and keys.
  • StopTite Pipe Sealant – instant low-pressure seal on tightened fittings up to 150psi with excellent resistance to shear and compression.
  • StopTite Multi Gasket – medium-strength resistance to low pressures after the assembly of mating flange faces, this product seals the joints between metal faces and flanges. Ideal for engine valve covers, water pumps and gearbox casing.
  • StopTite 007 and 006 – high-strength adhesives with-impact resistance designed to bond metal and composite applications. Quick and easy to use.

We look forward to helping you protect, seal, retain and bond your mechanical assemblies with our industrial range of products.

Trade enquiries are welcome and free trial samples are available on request – please contact us for more details.

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