Threadlockers Retainers & Adhesives

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Our new StopTite Industrial range of Anaerobics contains Thread Lockers, Thread Sealers, Retainers and Pipe Sealants that are all compliant to ISO 9002.

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Enables a wide variety of fasteners to be vibration-proofed. Easy disassembly of small screws, all the way to the permanent fixing of studs. Apply to the threads of fasteners, such as bolts, studs and screws to prevent loosening due to vibration and shock loads. This product also protects against leakage and corrosion.


Offers excellent resistance to shear and compression. Cost-effective assembly with bearings, shafts, splines and keys. Can be applied as a permanent fixture even to worn parts. Comes in a range of viscosities and suitable for a range of temperatures.

Pipe Sealants

Allows for the effective sealing of threaded connections for pneumatic and hydraulic lines, cutting fluids, as well as gas, oil and water lines.

Multi Gasket

Offers resistance to low pressures after the assembly of mating flange faces. Seal joints between metal faces and flanges. Ideal for motoring and industrial applications.


StopTite 007 and 006 – high-strength, two-part Acrylic Adhesives for bonding metal components, carbon fibre, and dissimilar metals.

Drip-It Chain Oilers

A Simple no moving parts, no power required oiler with our Eco Range oil system making this environmentally friendly with all parts recyclable.

StopTite Product Range

Our StopTite Industrial range includes Threadlockers, Retainers, Pipe Sealants and Adhesives, which are fully compliant with ISO 9002. Our products have outstanding mechanical properties, which can be achieved on a wide variety of temperature ranges from -50°C to 200°C+.

With thousands of applications for almost every sector, StopTite Industrial products can be used for threadlocking, stud locking, retaining, gasketing and sealing mechanical assemblies. Available to stockists as retail display boxes of 6 – 20 items.